Dave Simmons (Street Articles Author)

What's the Plan?
So What's the Plan? Bet you never heard that one before. Ha! I hear it all time and say it myself often, and yet when it comes to a personal plan for success, I'm betting some of us would probably say that we don't have a real plan. But hold…
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Bird Habitat
Wild bird habitat is as varied as the birds themselves and of course us, the viewers. Wild birds live almost everywhere on this earth. From the frigid barren antarctic to some of the most desolate regions on this globe. They're found everywhere. Most of us don't have a clue to…
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Feeders for Birds
Hmm. If birds could talk, I wonder what they would say. Maybe something like, who built this thing, it hurts my feet. Ouch! Suppose they say to one another, what a tacky designer. Don't they know these colors don't match? Or maybe they would say, this is the best feeder…
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Watching Birds
Birds. Stupid birds. Who watches birds. I mean, how many people really sit and watch a dumb bird. You would be supprised. I often think it's just me, because I can sit and watch not just birds, but any wildlife that comes into my view for what seams like hours.…
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