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Our Responses Dictate Our Outcomes
We have the power to control our emotions. Because of this we are solely responsible for the way we feel. Whether you have a good or bad day is your decision. There will be events throughout the day to test us but ultimately our responses to the events determine the…
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Learn to Fail Big
Taking on a new project, starting a new career, trying to lose weight or beginning a new hobby can be a scary time. If quick or immediate success is not achieved it is easy to quit. It is very easy to consider yourself a failure and stop trying. I would…
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Do You Still Dream Big?
Do you still have big dreams like you did when you were a child or have you fallen into the routine of life? Do you use your full potential to imagine that you can obtain all of your biggest and wildest dreams? Are you living out your dreams or are…
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Could You Be Suffering From Amnesia?
Do you ever feel as though you are not the person you were meant to be? You might be suffering from amnesia. Amnesia is defined as partial or full memory loss. Your thoughts could be the cause of this loss. Let me explain. Every time you think a negative thought…
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A Lesson Learned From My Daughter's Swimming Lesson
We teach our children to be strong and to face their fears. We teach them to never quit and to not be afraid to try new things. Lately I have been battling fear in my pursuits and have had trouble finding the strength to battle on. Little did I know…
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Getting Started On Writing Your First Children's Book
You have decided to write your first children’s book. This is a very exciting time in your life! Writing for children can be a wonderful experience, especially if it is a true passion. To see smiles and laughter come from a child after reading or hearing something you wrote is…
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