Achim Siegfried Triebel (Street Articles Author)

Born and raised in Germany I cam to the USA in the early 90s. At that point I was living in Seattle and pretty much just trying to get my American Dream Going. That included, but was not limited to playing professional golf.

While I was building my new life in this country I worked for golf companies, golf shops and learned every aspect of being a golf professional. That included club building and repair, running shops and driving ranges as well as golf courses and playing tournament golf.

I worked hard, but never really made it to the big golf tours at that point. For some years I was not involved in the golf business at all other than watching and reading. In 2006 however I was given the opportunity to get back into the game and the golf business.

Did not have to think twice. I grabbed it and from that time on worked even harder to prepare myself for playing tournament golf. Being 46 did not make and still does not make it easier. The fact remains, that it is my passion and that I will not stop until I make it on a pro tour.

Meanwhile I was involved in selling equipment for big golf companies, teaching, building clubs, club fitting, event organizing and whatever was related to the sport of golf. The only thing I have never done until recently was writing about golf. Funny. I love to write, love to research and love to share my views with others.

I began writing blogs some time ago and am still learning on how to do it. But I must say, that I am enjoying it and it seems, judged by the amount of readers I have, that what I write is of interest. I have to say, that my articles are not limited to the game of golf and what is connected to it.

Writing is so much fun, that I also write about other things I like such es travel, reviews, food and comments on current events. It gives me great satisfaction to share what I think and what I know and if I can only help one person to learn something, my goal is accomplished. If I can create on positive article which might change a persons life, even without me knowing, I am happy.

My expertise in many fields I gained from my willingness to learn everything there was in the jobs I did for companies or for myself as a business owner. While I might not know everything, I have no doubt, that many things I can share are of great value to another person.

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