Adam Haesler (Street Articles Author)

Expect potential, accept reality! (Personal motto)

Currently looking for a Business Analyst position, with at least some focus on processes.

I believe in pushing to expect to reach my potential everyday and that education is never finished.

My free time is filled with ultra marathon training! I love ultra distances, as typical running norms fall away.

My story: After doing a degree in Microbiology at the University of Guelph, I had my mind set on professorship. After 3 years of working in a laboratory, I knew I did not want to do another 4-6 more years to become a professor; I just knew for sure I wanted to teach. I needed to make money, as I was not surviving. Thus, I hopped into customer service. Problem solved right? I loved learning the processes and systems, but I did not enjoy the repetitive nature.

So I figured, why not open my own business building systems/processes for all the small business owners, but I was always reaching a maximum workload, that did not pay the bills.

I was frustrated and stuck! And then I discovered business analysis! Or it found me! I spent about 2 years working on getting experience, in my customer service position, in any way I could. I would take on any project up for grabs, where most would moan and groan. Also, I advanced my education on techniques like data modeling, process modeling, and use cases. Then I did it, I found my first position as a Business Analyst!

3 months into my first Business Analyst position I had been let go, mostly due to poor fit, which was agreed to be on both sides. I knew I wanted to get another Business Analyst position, but I also knew I wanted to give back to others trying to get into the business analysis career.

Thus, I started helping aspiring Business Analysts to create a plan towards their dream position, to experience more joy without the confusion in career changes.