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I am new to writing and new to creating an online business. I currently have a full time day job working in finance. I love to play golf. I have been playing the game my whole life. My father taught him the game and his father taught him as well. Maybe someday I will teach my son. I have learned a lot about the game over my 20 years playing. I hope to share my thoughts, tips and experiences to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Best Lightweight Golf Bag
I am going to talk about what I believe is the best golf bag to carry. The Ping Hoofer! These bags are notorious among golfers for being great carry bags. There are four key things about Ping bags that make them the best. Price, weight, durability, and Functionality. Price My…
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Brad Faxon's Putting Tips & Drills
Recently I watched a segment on the Golf Channel with Brad Faxon. He discussed some of his tips and drills for putting. Faxon was a little before my time, but he holds the PGA record for putting average fa a season in 2000. Today I am going to discuss two…
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Fedex Cup Tournament Schedule
Do you remember the end of the golf season before the FedEx Cup? I was thinking about that this past weekend while watching the first tournament of the FedEx playoff. I don't remember much about the end of the golf season prior to 2007 when the playoff system was introduced.…
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Proper Golf Swing Tips
How well you hit the golf ball can make all the difference in the world between having a lot of fun or being completely miserable. I am going to break down the golf swing today in an easy to understand article. My proper golf swing tips will be something that…
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