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My name is Muhammad Adil Raja. I was born in Norway but raised in Pakistan. I obtained my education in Pakistan. I have also had a chance to study abroad to obtain a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I am a researcher by profession and habit. I have also had a chance to work abroad. I have lived in the Republic of Ireland for three years and six months in the city of Limerick. I have also lived and worked in France for almost a year. And I have also lived in Denmark for a couple of years. I have a fondness for living in the European Continent. I have also had a chance to travel to Italy, Spain and Austria. I also got a chance to travel to United States but I abandoned it due to time constraints. I love to travel!

Other than that I enjoy reading, writing and thinking about abstract ideas. This profile is an endeavor to meet those interests. I hope to be able to write good stuff on this blog that would be enlightening in some sense.

I used to like photography, music and movies but I have abandoned them for a long time. I also used to be quite fond of playing badminton but I have given up on that too. I may start again though.

I wish to write good, entertaining and enlightening material on this website. I presume that most of my writings would concern topics from neuroscience, a subject which has fascinated me for quite some time. I also hope to be able to write my thoughts on geopolitics, another subject that has inspired me for over more than six years.

I presume that that is all what I have to say about myself. If you have any particular questions please feel free to ask them to me.

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I received an e-mail today from Street Articles to write my first article and get it published. This is first of the series of thirty article that I have been advised to write. I also received an e-mail today from Wealthy Affiliate that described to me as to how to…
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