Adriana Mertea (Street Articles Author)

- “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University Constanța - Management in tourism and commerce

- IATA/UFTAA International Travel&Tourism; Foundation/Electronic Booking Tools (EBT) Diploma

- Freelance Travel Guide · Constanta, Romania

- Owner S.C. Camden Graphics S.R.L. Bucharest

I am a smiling, dynamic woman. I'm an individual who comes from a travel background, previously working as a guide within the travel industry. I am an organized and flexible person with an excellent track record for building good customer relations. I'm a powerful communicator who works effectively and professionally in customer facing negotiations and endeavors to fulfill any task after 20 years in tourism industry - preparing, organizing, guiding, lots of tours.

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Romania – A Fairy Tale Land
To explore your paranormal abilities investigating mysterious occurrences all over Romania could be an incredible adventure. You could start researching the Romanian folklore as its invaluable traditions have fortunately survived up to this moment. There’re a lot of evil spirits in the Romanian ghostlore: the Mother of the Forest, fire-breathing…
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