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What to Do With A Bengal Tiger In Your Lifeboat?
That's a question that you don't hear every day, do you? However when Piscine Molitor Patel was thrown into this situation suddenly, he had to find ways to survive this ordeal. This story is told in a book called Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I'm also very happy to…
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Overcoming Fear to Living A Full Satisfying Life
It's so common to not attempt something when you are feeling fear. Most of the times though, fear is an irrational emotion because you worry about what may happen from your attempt but is unlikely to occur anyway. Fear can be easily overcome unless you've had a traumatic experience before.…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Personal Growth   Mar 27, 2012  
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30th Article Of 30 In 30 Challenge - Great Sense Of Achievement!
Hooray, this is my 30th article of the 30 in 30 challenge which I took part in last month! Writing articles did not come easy to me at all because first, I had trouble thinking of what to write and second of all, I did not think I'd deliver my…
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Is Getting A Tattoo Painful? The Truth Right Here
Many people hesitate to get a tattoo because they think it might be too painful. If you are seriously considering getting a tattoo, I'm sure the thought of pain has crossed your mind quite often. Tattoo pain is not as terrible as you expect it to be. The truth is…
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Myth Or Reality - Do Women Expect 4c's From Men?
There are many men who think they need to be rich and successful before they can find a suitable partner in their lives. Is it a myth or reality that women expect 4C's from men before they are willing to settle down? What do women expect from their men of…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Love   Mar 20, 2012  
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Play The Sims, Live An Alternate Life!
Are you bored of a mediocre life but don't know how to break the monotony? I can't show you a fool proof way of getting your fream life but I can show you a way to live an alternate life. Play the Sims 1! I know it's not real but…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Computer Games   Mar 18, 2012  
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Accepting Failure - The Way to Achieve Peace Of Mind And Happiness
Everyone is not perfect. No matter who you are, whether you're rich or poor, young or old, you and I want two things in life: peace of mind and happiness in everything we do. Everyone worries, it's a part of life and nobody is exempt from it. How do we…
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Is Bad Luck A State Of Mind?
Is there really such a thing as luck? Do you believe in luck when something extremely good or bad happens without yours knowing of having induced it? Is bad luck a state of mind? I really am not sure. Some events have prompted me to think luck really does exist…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Positive Attitude   Mar 16, 2012  
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Internet Marketing Motivation - 3 Songs to Listen to
Do you get frustrated sometimes when you are working on internet marketing and the day seems to last forever while you are stuck in your daily tasks? There are days when I feel I need more motivation to keep working because internet marketing is not something that will succeed overnight.…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Internet Marketing   Mar 14, 2012  
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Depression And Your Relationships
Have you noticed how people treat you when you are depressed? Depression affects your relationship with others in negative ways if your depression is not overcome. Why do depressed people shun intimacy and drive people who are close to them away? To understand this, we need to know how a…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Depression   Mar 14, 2012  
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30th Article Of 30 In 30 Challenge - Great Sense Of Achievement!
Hooray, this is my 30th article of the 30 in 30 challenge which I took part in last month! Writing articles…