aj rodgers (Street Articles Author)

My name is aj Rodgers. I was born in Peoria, IL and in this small rural town the only thing to do is read. So even though I'm only 27 yrs. old. I have a vast arrange of knowledge for my age . An elder man once told me that the world can take everything from you, but the world can not take the knowledge that you hold in your heart. I have two passions in life and intrest for one is helping people. And ghost hunting I love ghost hunting in most cases people are scared of spiritual interactions but not me and because of my envolvment in the paranormal world I am in a book wrote by slyvia shultzs called chasing spirts...

Do You Have A Gift!
If you’re asking yourself what is empath. And I don’t mean to show someone empathy. I mean there is actually an ability that a few gifted people actually have. It is the ability to understand the feelings and to know what a person is going through without being told. If…
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Why the E - Cigerettes Work!
Are you having a tough time quitting or kicking that nasty habit! Well you’re not alone. The research has shown that over 500,000 people regret taking that first drag of a cigarette .It’s almost instantly you are addicted to tobacco and before you know it. Thousands of dollars are gone…
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