Alan Roy Hocking (Street Articles Author)

I'm an Author, Sales Trainer and Internet Marketer who has spent over thirty years in direct sales and marketing, the major part of which was dedicated to recruiting and training sales people for various direct sales and telemarketing companies throughout Europe.

During this time I have made it my personal mission to pass on the knowledge gained from my own experience in direct sales and marketing to anyone who chose to make selling a long term career and really wanted to learn how to sell efficiently and improve their lifestyle.

My straight forward, down to earth and easy to understand style of teaching and coaching has earned me quite a large following of regular readers to my popular Sales Training Blog and the many Sales Training articles I have written.

As a Personal Development and Self Improvement Fanatic, the constant e-mails and words of encouragement received from my friends and readers made it a natural career move from Sales Training and Career Counselling into the study of Personal Development and the publishing of my latest E-Book: The Creative Laws

I now spend the majority of my time helping small businesess achieve their targets and individuals achieve their personal goals. Although I am kept busy with a full schedule I still find time to induldge in My third love of writing and publishing Self Help Books.

4 Ways to Boost Your Retirement Income
If you're approaching retirement and you're looking for ways to boost your retirement income, then here's a couple of ideas that might help. It seems more and more baby boomers these days are looking for ways to boost their retirement income as a result of the meager retirement savings they…
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Your I Can is More Important Than Your Iq
The Robin Sharma quote, “Your I can is more important than your IQ” is best illustrated by this simple fact: Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but nobody told the bumble bee that so it just goes around its daily business the quickest way it knows. Flying! That…
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