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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review
Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy S 5 review, at the time of writing this the Samsung Galaxy S 5 has not been launched yet. How ever I have been given a private viewing of the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy S 5 and this is what I have found. The Samsung…
By:  in  Computers and Technology  >  Personal Tech   Mar 16, 2014  
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Snoop Dogg G Pen Review
A Snoop Dogg G Pen Review The Snoop Dogg G Pen was Created by Grenco Science, The G Pen is a awesome device that delivers two elements which are the power of the battery and the its unique portability due to the battery power. On the market today there are…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Electronics   Mar 09, 2014  
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Will Facebook Build 5 - year Solar Sky Cruiser
This article will be two sided, firstly I will explain what Facebook is planning in regards to providing free wireless internet to the whole of Africia. Secondly I will argue the point that may be to much wireless radiation is not good for your health and well being and is…
By:  in  News and Society  >  International   Mar 05, 2014  
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Radioshack Store Closing - See Why
RadioShack stores closing down? Really... Not a shock for most people with there finger on the pulse of the electronics game. RadioShack Corp said it would be closing 1,100 stores after reports of a 20% loss in share prises. RadioShack use to be the king of spare parts no matter…
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