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Teaching ESL is Not Rocket Science
This title might rile many dedicated, motivated and well qualified English as a Second Language teachers. I make no apologies, for that is my intention. Of course, it's not rocket science, but teaching ESL well, does require experience, a knowledge of the subject and an awareness of differentiation skills (teaching…
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Real Time English Practice
How to learn a language Learning a foreign language, particularly the English language is an extremely prevalent pastime, passion and necessity for countless millions of people throughout the world. For many years, I have worked as an English teacher; run training sessions for other English teachers and have been a…
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Is It The Beginning Of The End For The English Language School?
English Language Academies. English Language Schools or Academies for English Foreign Learners or English Second Language learners abound in just about any Western European country; and have been doing so, for the best part of 30 years. Moreover, in the last 15 years, since red tape for prospective teachers has…
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