Alec Lautenschleger (Street Articles Author)

Alec is an internet marketer specializing in running and photography related markets. In a previous life he graduated from Ohio State.

Everyone Can Become An Affiliate Marketer
The amount of people who can become affiliate marketers is tremendous. There is definitely a market that everyone can become an affiliate marketer. Why is it possible? Because it is not a job that takes a tremendous amount of time for everyone. Some say the market is over flooded with…
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Why the Poor Are Poor And the Rich Are Rich
A much publicize thought today is simply why the poor are poor and the rich are rich. No one literally forces one to become rich or stay poor. It is a very individualized question. Some people want nothing more in life to become rich (whatever their definition of rich is),…
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How I Am Using My Liberal Arts Degree
For over a year, my liberal arts degree just collected dust. During a time in history which rewards experience and technical degrees more, I stood on the outside looking in. Although what I specifically learned as a liberal arts major (seriously, it seems like everyone knows politics inside and out…
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Do People Work Best Under Pressure?
Recently, I read a discussion about affiliate marketers with their backs against the wall that now is the time to take action. Perhaps they have little money, hate their job, or want to do something with their lives but in every case, they decide that now is the time. Which…
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Clueless at Affiliate Marketing?
A common complaint amongst affiliate marketers is that many say how clueless they are at affiliate marketing. If you can clueless at affiliate marketing, you need to take one step at a time. From trying to tackle everything at once, you are leading yourself into becoming extremely overwhelmed. One need…
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Expedite Your Marketing Through Outsourcing
To expedite your marketing, start to outsource your work and hire people to advance your internet business(es). Offline businesses hire employees hire people to do their work, so you should follow their lead and contract workers to do work for you. When you are making enough money to justify hiring…
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Title Research for Search Engine Optimization
With more and more affiliate marketers turning to free article directories, knowing how to write articles that rank well is essential. Creating article titles is one of the most important search optimization strategy article marketers can employ. Spend time on title research! To compose articles that rank well, picking out…
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How Difficult is Affiliate Marketing?
How difficult is affiliate marketing? Those who are full-time marketers say it is easy, as it is primarily a rinse, wash, and repeat industry. You need a know a few basics ideas of internet marketing, and after that you set your autopilot to repeat. I cannot guarantee anyone reading this…
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Write for the Title
For internet marketers who write articles for article marketing, writing a great article title might be the most important part of the entire article. Often, article marketers will think of a title first, then write the body around the title. Why? Because without an awesome, title people will not view…
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For A High Commission Rate Sell Products
Affiliate marketers have to choose which products to promote for their income. Subscriptions are very popular very of their recurring comissions, but affiliates usually have to choose between real and eproducts for one time sales. Real products may have notoriety because you can promote nearly every found in stores, but…
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How I Am Using My Liberal Arts Degree
For over a year, my liberal arts degree just collected dust. During a time in history which rewards…
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