Alec Lautenschleger (Street Articles Author)

Alec is an internet marketer specializing in running and photography related markets. In a previous life he graduated from Ohio State.

Use A Bad Day at Work As Motivation
If you are struggling through your “day job” at work, let that be your motivation to work even harder when you are working your way through affiliate marketing. From my own personal experience, it is not a fun game working a “real” job while starting affiliate marketing. If you have…
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Dont Give Up
No matter how hard it may be at the beginning, don't give up your affiliate marketing dreams. Regardless of it you are feeling overwhelmed with information, you do not know what you promote, or are scared about putting your name and business on the internet - the same place you…
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Say What You Mean - Article Marketing
The best way to gain a trusting audience on the world wide web is to simply say what you mean. People can find information in a near unlimited number of websites online today, so use every single advantage you can to get people to come back. If you say what…
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How to Become the Next Internet Millionaire
Now that I have your attention with a title like "How To Become The Next Internet Millionaire", let us talk about how to take your ambition and move it to become the success story to air on prime time. Never before has a medium existed to connect you with the…
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Marketing Class Idea
In this world of the marketing and transactions online, forming a class about marketing exploring affiliate marketing for a term would be an awesome idea, because, wait for it....students can make real money! It is a win-win for the teachers and students because the teachers will be able to instruct…
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Believe In Yourself: Trait Of A Millionaire
Although it should be said for everybody, but a key trait of a millionaire is their belief in themselves. If you believe in yourself, you will be able to accomplish many more things in life than if you constantly feel down and go through life half-baked. To really have the…
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Basic Strategy for Article Marketing - Do What Your Teacher Taught You
Article marketing is an extremely popular way for affiliate marketers to gain, free organic traffic to their website(s). But it also entails writing, which can scare many budding affiliate marketers. Remember what your teach taught you about writing five paragraph essays? Well, that is also a great basic strategy for…
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How Much Does Affiliate Marketing Cost?
Before you move farther into the realm of marketing online, you probably want to know how much it will cost you. Many people advertise affiliate marketing as something that can be started for fairly cheap. You probably wonder: How much does affiliate marketing cost? Although you can possibly become an…
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Make Use Of Discussion Board Forums Online
While learning how to make money online, make use of discussion board forums online. They are a tremendous way of hearing feedback, often very soon, very various individuals across the world wide web. With a simple internet search, you should be able to find quite a few message boards. Even…
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Online Freelance Writing Jobs for Authors
For people with writing experience looking to make a few cheap, easy bucks online, look at a few freelance websites for affiliate marketers for some quick cash. It does not matter about what you like to write, because of how widespread the needs of affiliate marketers are.
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Set A Regular Schedule For Affiliate Marketing: Act Like It Is Your Job
In order to move affiliate marketing the hobby to the career category you must set a regular schedule,…
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Lose Weight And Stay Motivated By Training For A 5K
Lose weight and stay motivated with running by training for a 5K. There are an overabundance of 5K roads…
Online Freelance Writing Jobs for Authors
For people with writing experience looking to make a few cheap, easy bucks online, look at a few freelance…
Is it Possible to Retire at 25?
Lately, I have wondered if someone could retire at the early age of 25 if that person had a very good…
How To Avoid Internet Marketing Scams
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How I Am Using My Liberal Arts Degree
For over a year, my liberal arts degree just collected dust. During a time in history which rewards…
Use Sundays to Plan Ahead And Spend Some Time With Family
An understated and vital aspect of affiliate marketing is overdoing it and burning out at the beginning.…
Get Paid to Blog
Remember back in the day when only weird, ecentric people blogged? And only the most interesting of…
Realistic Goal Setting for Internet Marketing
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