Alexandra Rendakova (Street Articles Author)

Hi! I'm 22 and I'm from Belarus. I study philosophy at the university. I suppose philosophy should become more close to reality, that's why I write articles on life problems, well known to everybody, and analyze them philosophically. I'd be glad to know your opinion, so you're welcome to e-mail me.

Loving Unconditionally? - That’s Stupid!
I remember clearly when I first heard from a man that he loves me, after short astonishment, I demanded a detailed explanation. I wanted to know the reasons he loved me, yet, I heard none. As far as I can judge, the question really perplexes. The most common answer usually…
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University - An Anachronism?
I'm a student. Moreover - I'm a student of an Eastern Europe University. It's not a name - It's a location. Considering the fact that I study philosophy, I can't help analyzing educational process I'm involved in. First of all, I must say my desire to study philosophy was and…
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Are We Able to Love?
Of course, I already know the contents of letters I’ll be receiving if I write I don’t believe love truly exists. The idea of loving someone with self-devotion is so altruistic, so flattering, that most people will stand on it till death. In fact they’re just frightened of what can…
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