alexisnilo (Street Articles Author)

Alexis Nilo received his bachelor’s degree in History from Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. Completed post-graduate studies in Gastronomy at UNAM and has more than two decades of food & beverage and event management experience.

He has produced beverage programs and online courses for numerous of the Havana, Varadero and Morelos principal hospitality organizations and taught hundreds of service employees in all aspects of wine and spirits.

Cuisine is another of his passions, he finished postgraduate studies on this subject at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México and Escuela Culinaria Internacional.

He is an aficionado wine writer, Maitre'd, educator and Sommelier. During the last 8 years, he worked as a professor at Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Member of Laureate International Universities.

At this college, he taught different matters related to the wine and spirits management. In August 2013,he set aside teaching in order to devote all his time to writing for

He created this site to continue giving support to those sicking for information about wine and spirits and it's matchings with food,lifestyle and health; and above all to keep on helping the young students in acquiring the best, responsible and safest drinking habits and culture.

He likes drinking aged Cuban rum straight or on the rocks; late harvest and red wines; Cuban mojitos and daiquiris; and making his own craft beer.

In the spare time, he has, he is a stained glass and mosaic maker and loves giving them as gifts.

He enjoys grilling chicken, meat, fish, vegetables and seafood on the garden with family and friends.

Tom Daley, Wellcome to the Famous Gay Athletes Sports Gallery
Times are changing, thanks god and people like Tom Daley, the famous gay athlete, whose courageous actions lead the way. What Daley did yesterday is one of the most significant action a person can do throughout his life. Months before he denied being gay, perhaps for fear of the reaction…
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