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I am a newcomer to wealthy affliates,and Street have written a few articles with the hope that people would find happiness,joy and a new experience in what I have to say. Kyle and his staff,have tried their best to turn me into an Author.When viewing some of the comments on my blog,he might have succeded. I have spent most of my youth in Sports and Law Enforcement,and for the past few years I have become a Real Estate Developer.At present i am part of a group,that is developing a new Sub Division in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas In Transition # 4
Slavery Of The Mind In most places in the world when a political party loses an election, the political appointments leave with that administration. Under the British system, permanent secretary and directors jobs are secure, because they have experience on how a department or country functions. The new incoming politician…
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The Bahamas In Transition # 5
Burma Road Riot The rioters then proceeded to bay street where they broke windows in many of the stores, but did not harm any onlookers. This lasted for two days and when it was over, two rioters was killed, forty injured and over one hundred were arrested. After the investigation…
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The Bahamas In Transition #1
The Bahamas became a British colony in 1718, and like most colonies at that time, the slave trade was the main engines that drove those economies. The american civil war was over, and the supporters of the King of England had lost, as a result of this the Crown gave…
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The Bahamas In Transition
The Contract The Bahamas of 1940's - 1950's was a poor country, where many people suffered through an economic drought that was finally coming to an end. It was a time when we traveled by sailboat, when Cuba and Haiti were the economic powers of that time. During second world…
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Growing Up Between Two Villages # 5
During the early 1940's to 1970's, the Catholic Church was the main religion in the Bahamas. They had more schools than the government, or any other religion. To put it quite bluntly they practically provided most, if not all, primary school education. They carried a lot of political pull during…
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Why Can't We Get Along #4
The Test We do not know if the daughter left home and attended the party, but what we do know is a few days later, I listen to one of the pastor sermons and he said, "everything if fine in his home, and he did not assault his daughter". The…
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Why Can't We Get Along #3
On his third visit, he approach the house and knocked on the door, a man opened the door, and asked if he could help him, he said, " I would like to speak with Debbie. " The gentleman that opened the door ask him, why he wanted to communicate with…
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Why Can't We Get Along #2
When a man is discussing an issue with his wife, its important that both parties make their point and do so in a calm way. The slightest sign of elevation in voice volume and expression of unhappiness could escalate a normal chat into an argument. But the continuous chatter on…
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Why Can't We Get Along #1
A few days ago, all the news media carried the story of football wide receiver, Chad Johnson and his wife Evelyn, who argued about a receipt showing condoms, this matter escalated into a complaint to the police of chad head butting his wife. Which resulted in him being arrested by…
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Walking In The Rain
When I started to write this article, the memory of the broadway musical came to mind. But my walk started out as a nice day, sun shinning with trees and leaves moving with the wind. I along with my group were having a wonderful time. We were on the sidewalk…
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