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I am a newcomer to wealthy affliates,and Street have written a few articles with the hope that people would find happiness,joy and a new experience in what I have to say. Kyle and his staff,have tried their best to turn me into an Author.When viewing some of the comments on my blog,he might have succeded. I have spent most of my youth in Sports and Law Enforcement,and for the past few years I have become a Real Estate Developer.At present i am part of a group,that is developing a new Sub Division in the Bahamas.

Visiting New York # 4
As soon as we entered the heart of Time Square I looked up at the beauty of these tall edifices we call skyscraper. Each displaying its own special shape,colour and grand architecture. But these building also displayed a secondary beauty of advertisement. Large electronic billboard with flickering light and pictures…
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Visiting New York #3
Herald Square site is on 34th street , broadway and 6th ave. This square is named in honour of James Gordon Bennet (1795 - 1872), he was the founder of the herald newspaper, a statue is also erected on the site. A memorial for his son James Gordon Bennet (1841…
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Visiting New York # 2
New York Parks As we continued our walk along 5th and 6th ave, I saw a park on the opposite side of the street with iron fences that displayed pictures and statues and a marbled water fountain, that I had to investigate. As I stepped on to the sidewalk inspected…
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Visiting New York #1
We had just checked into our hotel, placed our luggage in our room, and was going outside fo a walk, when I heard Bob, telling a gorgeous female security guard, how beautiful she was. I expected a comment, like thank you, a giggle a smile or a grin. Instead I…
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Regatta Sloop Sailing Competition #5
The Southern cross, who led the race in the A - Category from the first lap, was overtaken by the Running wave, a boat owned by Cassius Moss. Moss told Barber Johnson that "he would like to increase the bet, to an acre of land in Crooked Island worth $50,000.00."…
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Regatta Sloop Sailing Competition #4
Catch Me If You Can This a handicap race where a fifteen minutes advantage is given to a c class boat. In this case the Lady Nathalie. The racing Chairman, starts the race with the blowing of his horn.Ten boats from the A class group enter the hunt . The…
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Regatta Sloop Sailing Competition 3
In sail boat racing everything happens fast, these streamline wooden craft, carry a ballast of about 4,500 pounds of metal, lead is also poured in their keel of about 1,100 pounds, to prevent them from going under or turning over. They carry two pry, which are two long plank of…
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Regetta Sloop Sailing Competition #2
Sloop Sailing Maneuvering a sail boat, has a similar concept as a car, but more complicated, with a car the engine, electronics, electricity, and fuel under the command of the driver, but a sailboat requires a crew, in a sense it has not evolve like the car, but that adds…
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Regatta Sloop Sailing Competition #1
Sailing is one of the main Bahamian pastimes; it is a time when natives and tourist flock to Montague beach to watch, local sloop sailing competition, at it's best. For the reader to appreciate what this sport is all about, it's important that you get a feeling of the place,…
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Cruise Ship Terminal In The Bahamas #1
Nassau is the premier cruise ship destination in the Caribbean. It's estimated that by the end of 2012, arrivals should reach 2.4 million. Our increase has been so spectacular, that no other Caribbean destination comes close. Spending a day at prince george dock is an enjoyable experience, the opportunity to…
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