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I am a newcomer to wealthy affliates,and Street have written a few articles with the hope that people would find happiness,joy and a new experience in what I have to say. Kyle and his staff,have tried their best to turn me into an Author.When viewing some of the comments on my blog,he might have succeded. I have spent most of my youth in Sports and Law Enforcement,and for the past few years I have become a Real Estate Developer.At present i am part of a group,that is developing a new Sub Division in the Bahamas.

Acklins The Island Of Therapeutic Tropical Breeze #3
The next few days, we replaced the damaged exterior doors and windows. It was not long afterward that the lumber ran out. So while we waited for a new shipment of lumber, we spent our time sport fishing, relaxing and visiting the many settlements of the island. The second shipment…
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Acklins The Island Of Therapeutic Tropical Breeze #2
After collecting our bags and vehicle, we travelled through the various settlement, such as Spring point, snug corner, mason bay, hard hill, pine field, and lovely bay. After parking our vehicle, we unloaded our bags and began to work.We removed all the damaged wood from the house, replacing then with…
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Acklins The Island Of Therapeutic Tropical Breeze #1
On April 17th 2012, I went to the town of pastel to refurbish my parents home that was practically destroyed by hurricane last year. Accompanying me, were my friend Tyrone a building contractor, my brother and his wife. It had taken me about four months to persuade my contractor to…
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The Consequence Of A Woman That Nags #2
In the country where I live, there are many illegal immigrants from a number of surrounding countries. The women from one of the countries are not welcomed by our women. These woman have mastered the art of persuading men who are in toxic relationship to leave home. Not all men…
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The Consequence Of A Woman That Nags #1
What does a woman expects to gain when she nags? It is my belief that the main reason a woman nags is because she is dissatisfied with some personal issue, with her husband or male friend. It is also believed that she wants to dominate, and control others, including their…
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How to Benefit From A Nagging Woman #2
None of the parties want help from a doctor, but they continue to live in the same house. There is no communication, between the husband and wife, he lives on one side of the house, and she lives on the other. And none wants to seek outside relationship. Recovering from…
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How to Benefit From A Nagging Woman #1
The dictionary describe nagging as, to annoy by constant scolding, complaining or urging, to torment persistently, as with fear or pain. The bible tells us that it is better for a man to live in a corner of his housetop than to share a house with a nagging wife. Some…
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Bodybuilders 40 years and over.
Bodybuilding has long been at the fore of the fitness movement, the over 40 years Physique Contest has always been a popular way of showing, what bodybuilding can do for one's physical and mental self. It turns out that not only were body builders looking good at age 40, but…
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My Afternoon Walk # 2
It's about 7:30pm and the sun presence, has begun to diminish, the weather temperature has changed, but the heat escaping from my body has increased tremendously, which has resulted in my body to sweat profusely. This process of walking and sweating is a good sign, that I have achieve some…
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My Afternoon Walk
My walk normally starts about 6:00pm, with friends, Bob, Osborne, Arthur and the general. We would park at the cable beach police station, and travel east along the new cable beach highway. The desire to exercise by way of walking has provided a wide degree of pleasure and benefits. In…
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