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I live in the west country in the UK. Since I retired, I have enjoyed writing and building my own websites on subjects that interest me.

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Using An Anti Aging Eye Cream
If you are currently using an anti aging eye cream, the chances are that you are probably trying to address one or more problems from the following list. puffiness under and around the eyes 'raccoon eyes' (darkness all around the eyes) under eye circles lines and wrinkles (crow's feet) sagging…
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Stress Pimples, Fact Or Fiction?
For many years Dermatologists said that pimples were entirely a physical phenomenon, not related in any way to anxiety and stress. However, scientists have now proven the link between psychological problems and many physiological problems – including alopecia (hair loss), hormone imbalances, appetite disorders, insomnia and, most emphatically, skin breakouts.…
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Why You Need To Choose A Good Anti Aging Moisturizer
In order to help your skin to retain its elasticity, texture and hydration, you need to be using a really good anti aging moisturizer which is right for your skin type. Every time you cleanse your face, even with a gentle cleanser, moisture is lost from your skin. In order…
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