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Cyprus is a stunning and historic island in the Mediterranean, which has something to offer for everyone – sun, secluded beaches, international education system, clean air due to absence on the island plants and factories. In listing the advantages of Cyprus, it has to be mentioned that North Cyprus is a visa free country, which is an important factor for those wishing to purchase a property abroad. Also it is worth mentioning, that property of Northern Cyprus is one of the, if not the cheapest property in the Mediterranean, and carefully invested capital and become a very profitable investment.

Alliance Estate is an independent, registered agency in North Cyprus, which operates in country’s property market for long time. Contacting us, you get correct and accurate information about purchasing a property in North Cyprus, free consultation of best lawyers, a complete check of the documents of property you picked, and full and free after-sale services. Working in the field for a long time, we know all the details of the process of purchasing property in North Cyprus and are proud to call ourselves professionals. We treat each client individually, carefully consider his demand, and expectations, and from a large number of properties show you only properties that you will be interested in, in accordance with your wishes and budget. Company Alliance Estate holds an extensive database of properties in Northern Cyprus - villas, bungalows, offices, houses and semi-detached houses, as well as apartments, studios and penthouses. We can help you select the property in accordance with your wishes - whether it's a luxury villa for permanent residence, holiday residence, apartment for future rental, property on beachfront, in the mountains with panoramic views or in the city center. It is also worth noting that we offer not only real estate from developers, but also resale property in Northern Cyprus, which also has advantages. Alliance Estate, is: - Individual approach to each customer - Extensive experience in property abroad - Possession of large data base of properties – newly built and resale - Free legal advice - After-sale services - Professionalism and integrity

Cyprus' EU Presidency
In July the Republic of Cyprus took the EU presidency, despite the fact that the country is experiencing severe economic crisis. The economic situation in South Cyprus As well as North Cyprus, which is still more or less under the control of Turkey, South Cyprus is connected to Greece, despite…
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Investing In Real Estate Oversees Why North Cyprus Still Has An Advantage?
The concept of "overseas property" means fundamental investment of funds. Selection of the country to invest in largely depends on the budget and the purpose of acquired property – property for future rent, holiday residence or permanent home. One of the most important factors while choosing a country to purchase…
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North Cyprus Peace Talks to End In July?
Cyprus peace negotiations will be terminated in July 2012. Long-term peace negotiations to reunify divided Cyprus are likely to end in July when southern Cyprus will take on the six-month EU presidency. All three parties of the talks have agreed on this. "You would not be able to satisfy the…
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Location for Investment - Critical Success Factor
Cyprus is the most eastern, the third largest, and according to many, the most beautiful and romantic island in the Mediterranean Sea. North Cyprus after a tough recent history is finally opening to the world. Holiday offers in North Cyprus do not disappear from the first pages of travel magazine…
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North Cyprus – Country Of Investments! What is the Cost Of Property In Northern Cyprus?
Despite the international isolation of Northern Cyprus since 1977, there has been a slow but steady economic growth. Today the country's economic progression is considered one of the fastest growing in the Mediterranean region. Given that South Cyprus is a member of the EU, the prices of most commodities, including…
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Cyprus - the Pearl Of Mediterranean Property Market In Cyprus
Cyprus is without any doubts one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries. Blue and green shutters on white buildings with bougainvillea weaving outside, small fishermen’s bays where day’s catch is served in restaurant the very same evening, wild donkeys wondering in Karpaz peninsula. Besides these cliche images Cyprus has a…
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