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A published author with a novel and several short stories to my credit, I have been writing as a freelancer for nearly five years now. I have written virtually every topic imaginable, but dream of the day when I can write about hockey. I am also working on a second novel.

Are You Bullying Children About Their Weight to Be Helpful? Well, Knock it Off
We know that children, especially obese children are bullied but we usually assume that the main perpetrators of that bullying are all peers. A new study published in the Pediatrics journal reveals that while peer to peer bullying does account for the majority of incidents, an alarming number of children…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Childhood Obesity Prevention   Jan 11, 2013  
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Employee Turnover: At What Point Do You Think It Might Be You?
While there are certain industries where employee burnout and turnover is kind of expected, a company within those industries would be wise to set a standard for what is expected and what is more than the norm. After all, there comes a time when you are looking at the gaping…
By:  in  Business  >  Human Resources   Jan 11, 2013  
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Online Dating:: Yep, We Reached the Rotten Core Of A Smelly, Multi - layered Onion
The prevalence of the so called "nice guy" on dating sites has led to a number of web sites dedicated to dismantling the concept as well as internet memes and other fun little ways to cast the light on all this wicked irony. Seriously, though, if you are truly a…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Online Dating   Jan 10, 2013  
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Looking for Gyms In All the Wrong Places: Do You Really Need A Specialty Gym?
Most people will reluctantly agree that they need to exercise. I know several people who are doing the combo sigh, eye roll at this very moment. I will deal with those people later. For the typical person, there are several very easy options- either workout at home with DVDs and…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Exercise   Jan 08, 2013  
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My Beer Made Me Do It: The Utter Lunacy Of An Inmate Based Lawsuit Against the Liquor Industry
Let's file this one under things that will make you shake your head. Five men, all charged with a range of crimes are serving time in the Idaho State Correctional Institution. These five should by all rights be charged with a serious crime- the murder of good sense and personal…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Crime   Jan 08, 2013  
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Obesity: How Well Do You Know Your Risks?
Most people know that being obese puts them at risk for certain health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes but how many other health risks are they aware of? A recent survey of more than one thousand adults revealed that a shockingly low number are aware of some of…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Obesity   Jan 08, 2013  
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Fitness Apps: Good Idea Or Not?
I am not usually one to crow about apps of any kind. I leave that for my tech happy pals who love to talk about the latest development from this company and that like it is all common knowledge. They also go on and on about operating systems and quite…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Fitness Equipment   Jan 06, 2013  
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The Diet That is Right For You: One Size Does Not Fit All
What is the best diet plan? Is it the same plan that worked for your Aunt Jenny or the one that worked for your high school boyfriend? There is a reason that there are so many different exercise plans in the world. There is no such thing as one single…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Nutrition   Jan 06, 2013  
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Drowsy Driving is A Bigger Problem Than Previously Believed
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a newly completed study on drowsy or sleep deprived driving and the results are alarming. According to one of the largest studies of its kind, four percent of the people surveyed (one in twenty four adults) admitted that they had fallen…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Sleep Snoring   Jan 04, 2013  
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If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say, Cruise Around the Internet And Spread That Joy, Sunshine
Nearly every video, web site, Facebook page and anything else you will see online will have an option that allows you to comment on it. If you were there to find new information, to review old information or for a legitimate reason and need to voice your displeasure, that is…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Pure Opinion   Jan 04, 2013  
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Obama Announces the End to Iraqi War: Fulfilling A Campaign Promise, the Greatest Gift This Year
Thousands of American families will get their greatest holiday gift this year, their loved ones home…
Arab League May Suspend Syria If Conditions Are Not Met
Syria escaped being suspended from the Arab League but only by a narrow margin, according to reports.…
Preschoolers Are Not Getting Enough Outside Time, Pediatricians Urge More Time In the Yard
Almost half of American children ages three to five are not getting enough time outdoors according to…
Obama Jobs Plan: Why Did the Republicans Try to Block it And Where Will it Go Now?
The question is not whether Congress will pass the newly revised jobs bill presented by President Barack…
Alabama Immigration Law: Leaving Farmers Holding the Bag And Crops to Die on the Vine
The unemployment rate in the United States stands at 9%. In the state of Alabama, the rate is slightly…
Secretary Clinton Goes to Libya: What Did Hillary Clintons Trip Possibly Accomplish?
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Libya's capital city, Tripoli for the first upper level…
Gadhafi Killed: Now Libyas Official Rebuilding Can Start
Mahmoud Jibril, Libya's Transitional Prime Minister announced the death of fugitive leader, Moammar…
Exotic Animals Killed: Did Ohio Deputies Have A Choice In the Situation?
Columbus Zoo Director Emeritius, Jack Hanna was in Zanesville, Ohio for one of the most heart wrenching…
Synthetic Marijuana Use Up Among High School Seniors: Warnings Issued to Parents
Introduced in Europe in 2004, Spice, a synthetic form of marijuana is becoming the drug of choice among…
Disabled Adults Held Captive: Criminally Cruel Intentions And Identity Theft
Criminal charges are pending for Gregory Thomas Jr, Linda Ann Weston and Eddie Wright, also called "the…