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Hi! My name is Amy Farr. I am a wife and mother of 4 great kids! 2 of my own (ages 19 & 16) and 2 I have been gifted with by marriage (ages 8 & 6). I live in a rural area of upstate NY, and absolutely love the outdoors. I have a dog, a black lab/blue heeler/boston terrier mix, who is my constant companion on adventures on our property and at local parks and creeks :)

Nearly my entire adult life has been as a caregiver. I became a certfied nursing assistant in 1992, a licensed practical nurse in 1995. My specialty is the elderly, specifically, those with Dementia and Alzheimers. I can relate and "get through" to them in a way others find challenging. It just always came naturally to me. To reach someone who is, on the outside, "too far gone", is simply breathtaking. Having moments where you touch the spot inside an angry confused person, to calm and assuage them so they will eat, or take a much needed medication, or simply lay down to rest, is the essence of what being a caregiver is.

As I progress on Street Articles, I am hoping to not only gain an audience. I am hoping to learn more about myself and others in the aging population; their families and what has been and what is to be down the road in the realm of senior care.

Here is a quote from someone I truly admire:

All my life I've been taught how to die, but no one ever taught me how to grow old.

BILLY GRAHAM, Newsweek, Aug. 14, 2006

I'd like to begin learning how to teach others how to grow old... This is just my beginning! How exciting it is!

Fighting for My Life: My Breast Cancer Story
Six months ago I was a different person. I didn't have the title "Breast Cancer" hanging over my head. I was like you, living my life, day by day. Taking care of my family, the household, working on my career. Answering the usual "How are you today?" at the grocery…
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When Life Changes: Senior Care Options
Some seniors have an advantage many of us are dreaming of. Retired, living in a paid off home. They live by their own schedule, own rules. No longer having a boss to answer to, with a 9-5 routine. Waking at a variable time, relaxing and eating breakfast at a leisurely…
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Losing Your Mind? Recognizing Alzheimers And Dementia
The picture accompanying this article may be humerous. The subject matter is not. Quite literally, everyday, thousands of people are coming to terms with the notion that they are changing. Something subtle is happening to them. It could be as simple as forgetting what you came into the kitchen for.…
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Growing Older? What Ails You Doesn't Have to Define You
Growing older. Senior citizen. Elderly. These words strike fear in the hearts of those middle aged approaching the "golden years". Life as one lives in a young body begins to change. Wrinkles and sun-spots give way to permanent drooping eye lids and bags under the eyes. The task of climbing…
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Is Grandpa Safe to Drive Anymore? When to Take the Keys
Accidents caused by elderly drivers. It's happening more and more every day. You turn on your local news, open the newspaper, or peruse the neighborhood "going ons" online. Headlines that read "Driver crashes into storefront". The gist of the story isn't what one may suspect, an alcohol or drug impaired…
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My Perspective on Senior Care: Cna & Lpn In A Nursing Home
Does the thought of putting your mom or dad, or another elderly loved one in a skilled nursing facility (ie nursing home) scare you? The horror stories that have come out over the years are enough to make one want to try and keep their family member home or in…
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A Growing, Dynamic Need: Senior Care In the Usa
We are all aging. Everyday, the clock is ticking. Our bodies show us when our knees click and back aches when we climb out of bed. The mirror reveals lines around our eyes and mouth that weren't there a few years ago, right (lol)? It seems as though we may…
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