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Ancuta is an entrepreneur, having more than 15 years of experience in working in corporate world and in managing her own offline business. Having a sound economic background, she considered that it is the moment to help other people to start their own businesses by teaching them how to think business and overcome the fear of beginning.

Why Are Business People Afraid Of Innovation?
The most profitable and long lasting businesses are coming from an innovative idea. Coming either with an innovative product (we can think here at Apple) or with a new way of serving customers (Dell or Amazon are probably the most famous examples), innovative businesses are in most cases the winners…
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Are You Complaining About Lack Of Motivation?
Many people complain about lack of motivation. They say they intend to achieve important goals in their lives, but they cannot keep themselves on track to get everything done. There are two main reasons why most people can’t stay motivated in their attempt to reach their targets. The first reason…
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Are You Intimidated By the Idea Of Starting Your Own Business?
Whenever it feels like things are too difficult, remind yourself that they aren’t difficult; your perception is that they are difficult! When you feel intimidated by something, it means that you don’t know exactly what this thing is about. Not being very clear on a certain thing or idea or…
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How Can A Good Employee Become A Successful Entrepreneur?
For a person who was taught and trained to be an employee, the idea of starting her own business is intimidating if not scaring. Being on their own may look to many people as assuming a too high risk. Being an employee, it is enough to show up daily in…
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How Fast Are You Moving?
Projects always start with a decision to accomplish something. It could be a new product design or a product launch, a new marketing campaign, the establishment of a new business line or even getting started in a new business. The decision to embark in a project is followed by a…
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Why Designing Your Own Life is Possible Today More Than Ever Before?
At the beginning of humanity, first people were producing their basic needs by themselves. Later, noticing that they were able to do more than enough products for their families, they thought to exchange the excess products with other products they needed. In this way, people started to exchange goods to…
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Do You Really Know What Positive Thinking Is?
Yesterday I had a talk with a friend of mine. She was complaining about a lot of things, especially financial problems. This wasn’t the first time I could hear her complaining. She always has problems. Everything happens to her – god of bad – is only a part of an…
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The Key Success Factors In Building A Successful Business
A successful business is not only the result of a good strategy and management. Very few businesses survive in the first 10 years of their activity. Statistically, only 4% of the new businesses reach their tenth year. Asked about why they don’t start their own businesses, most people consider money…
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Give Yourself the Right to Achieve Your Dreams
Every person on this planet has a secret dream about how she would like to live. Poor people dream to richness, ugly people dream to be loved and admired, and sick people dream to be healthy. But if they are in the situation to exactly state what they want to…
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Why is Today the Best Time to Change Your Life
Many people are stuck in a daily 9 to 5 job living between the frustration of not having a life as they wished to and the fear that they might lose their dead-end job any time and get worse than they already are. To cut costs and streamline their activity,…
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