Andre Daniel (Street Articles Author)


My name is Andre Daniel, I run a website called

On my website I inform visitors the basics of affiliate marketing such as where to begin, how to choose a niche, how to find what people are looking for effectively, the importance of adding value to their websites/blog pages along with some other interesting stuff.

There are an incredible amount of people eager to start affiliate marketing but get intimidated, confused and side tracked by other "promises" that turn out to be scams or they are sceptical.

Personally, I enjoy a variety of things that are physically & mentally uplifting; eating healthy food, spirituality, creative media, Internet, sports, rapping, writing, shows/theatre, biking, laughing along with so many other things I would love to experience.

I believe it is important to make the most of our existence.

Enjoy and say hello!

Affiliate Marketing Is Dead Again!
Argh! Not again. There is another rumour going around the Internet that affiliate marketing is dead. WHAT! How many times must it be pointed out that affiliate marketing is not dead or saturated. I think people need to understand that offering value and user experience has become an important part…
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