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My name is Andreas and I'm from Norway. Right now I'm 34 years old and live just outside Oslo with my wife, 3 kids and two cats. I work in the oil and gas industry with engineering and computer graphics on a daily basis. Most of the time I make animations, model mock-ups of concepts for tenders and make illustrative pictures for better understanding of procedures.

In my younger years i wrote histories on a typewriter before advancing over to the first PCs. I have always had a bright imagination, but later I usually

I have a wide range of interests

work in progress... :)

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What is Urban Exploration?
Have you ever wondered what’s behind the “No Trespassing Sign” on the fence, under the manhole cover in the street or what it looks like inside that old derelict building? You are not alone. In fact it’s very natural to be curious about the things you can’t and are not…
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