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Andrew Gooden

I am a hearing impaired citizen and at the same time I am able to hear. The general public sees me two ways. One group sees me as hearing impaired and the other sees me just the opposite, and in truth I have two personalities. One personality makes it seems as if I am a mean son of a bitch, so watch out. While the other make it appear as if I am a really friendly guy. You could say I am well balanced.

Hobbies are, blogging, affiliate marketing, writing, repairing computers, reading, driving, traveling, walking, spending time with the opposite sex and yes, I love to watch wrestling and a good boxing match.

When it comes to sports I am at my worst because I hate to lose at games and whatever game I undertake my attitude is;"I must win at all cost". Sorry!

Over Coming Deafness
When a person has lost his or her hearing, it can be very stressful for them. They worry about how they will adjust to their new lifestyle, they are unhappy, because they are unable to hear the sounds of the birds, the wind and more. They look at the Television…
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Why Men Love Dogs
Dogs who have the long history of being associated with men and being their best friend are very remarkable animals. These canine species were diverged from a wolf like mammals in Eurasia, as indicated from recent genetic studies undertaken during 2010. They have and still are performing many tasks for…
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The Fasticating Use Of the Feet
The foot is a structure made up of 33 joints and 26 bones and it is a complex formation at the end of the leg. It enables human to do a variety of things such as walking, running, dancing, jumping, hoping and much more activities. It is similar to the…
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The Beauty Of the Eyes
We have often heard the term,” the eyes are the windows to the soul” include “the eyes are the windows to the University. Why is this so? Through the eyes of each of us, are able to see the anger, pain, emotion, include the sadness of others or receive a…
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East And West
The Eastern and Western culture display a significant difference as people with a lifestyle that is sort of Allen to each other. The elements like their state of mind, social structure, food, dress, attitudes of Individual and groups, language and speech, tangible and non-tangible aspect include many other character differences.…
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Fight for it
Today, people are working longer hours and earning less and it is a constant struggle to survive due to their social standing in today’s society. While there are those who build wealth and continue to do so all because of their mental concept, “FIGHT FOR IT”. Since the beginning of…
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Vegetarian Vs Non - vegetarian? Which is Best?
First of all I am not a Vegetarian and I have nothing against Vegetarians because many are my close friends and family members, include individuals who I associate with on a daily base, plus I socialize with those who are Non-Vegetarians. I do have a good relationship with both, however,…
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The Dreaded Fears Of Man
There is six dreaded fear that man deals with during his lifetime, however, there are others but none is as more nail biting and fearfully as these six. Since the beginning, the man was fearless of things associated with them and the earth because all was perfect, but since the…
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The Word Help
The online Dictionary state that the word “HELP” means; assist, aid, help out, lend a hand to, lend a helping hand to, give assistance to, come to the aid of, succor, aid, and abet. "HELP", is the most powerful word in the world and if we were to open your…
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Be Careful Of Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking is a grave issue of human rights, plus it is a very serious crime and almost every day a man, woman or child falls into the trap of traffickers in various countries of the world, which could be their own countries or another country that they visiting as…
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