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Andrew Gooden

I am a hearing impaired citizen and at the same time I am able to hear. The general public sees me two ways. One group sees me as hearing impaired and the other sees me just the opposite, and in truth I have two personalities. One personality makes it seems as if I am a mean son of a bitch, so watch out. While the other make it appear as if I am a really friendly guy. You could say I am well balanced.

Hobbies are, blogging, affiliate marketing, writing, repairing computers, reading, driving, traveling, walking, spending time with the opposite sex and yes, I love to watch wrestling and a good boxing match.

When it comes to sports I am at my worst because I hate to lose at games and whatever game I undertake my attitude is;"I must win at all cost". Sorry!

Be An Eagle Or A Worm
Heaven is up and hell is below, and if we lie down with dogs we get up with fleas. An Eagle soars in the sky while a worm wallows in, and through the ground, plus it can be crushed under feet, and not to mention that man has to take…
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Possible Vs Impossible
The word Possible is the opposite of Impossible and they are like Positive and Negative or Good and Bad. It is just like saying Heaven is up and Hell is below, however, it depends on where you are traveling to, or your destination. Are you on the road to make…
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Eat Fish And Get Rich
Fishes are considered an important resource for man worldwide, especially as food. They are hunted in the wild in places such as the ocean, rivers, and lakes. They are also raised on farms for commercial and personal uses, they also serve as pets for the amusement and entertainment of the…
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Ideas Plus Actions, Equal Results
Since the fall of man, life for many has been a constant battle for survival in many ways. It is a battle to acquire and achieve certain things such as to enjoy the good life that many crave. Whether, to have the hands of a beautiful woman, to own your…
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Turkey Or Chicken
Turkeys are large birds that are native of the forest of Mexico and the United States, they were introduced to England during 1550 by the English Navigator William Strickland, and he was rewarded with a Turkey picture on his coat of arm. Since the discovery of the magnificent bird, it…
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Vehicles on the Road
There was a time in society when there were very few cars and almost no accidents on the roads. Now, accidents are like a regular event and it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned veteran driver or a beginner. Today driving on the road is almost like a gamble…
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Food is Getting Scarce
The cost of living has sky rocked in many countries of the world and one of man greatest needs such as food is getting out of the reach of many. In some places, it is almost like skipping breakfast in order to have dinner or we shall consume dinner tomorrow,…
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Is Money Really The Root Of Evil?
1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. For century, many Religious Individuals had preached the Gospel about the evil of money and by so doing…
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The Lips Of the Mouth
The Lips are movable and they act as an opening for food and drinks include speech and sound, plus they are soft and flexible. They are the first part of the body below the eyes and nose that we notice include one of the bravest fronts of man and animals.…
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What I Would Do With A Million Dollar$ Or More
I have never owned a Million Dollars and the thought of acquiring such is a really entertaining thought. Many individuals often brag about what they would do if they were to find themselves in the comfortable possession of such a fantastic amount. To acquire, this amount is no small feat…
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