Andrew Gooden (Street Articles Author)

Andrew Gooden

I am a hearing impaired citizen and at the same time I am able to hear. The general public sees me two ways. One group sees me as hearing impaired and the other sees me just the opposite, and in truth I have two personalities. One personality makes it seems as if I am a mean son of a bitch, so watch out. While the other make it appear as if I am a really friendly guy. You could say I am well balanced.

Hobbies are, blogging, affiliate marketing, writing, repairing computers, reading, driving, traveling, walking, spending time with the opposite sex and yes, I love to watch wrestling and a good boxing match.

When it comes to sports I am at my worst because I hate to lose at games and whatever game I undertake my attitude is;"I must win at all cost". Sorry!

Who Are You With In A Relationship
In the world today Human can be classified in about 12 Species and we are going to have a look at them all. Therefore, when you get involved in a relationship, it is important to observe the person you are involved with in order to get to know who they…
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Issues Of Photographs
In today's age of technology it is so easy to snap a photo of our friends, family, strangers or enemies with your cell phones or just a camera. Social Media sites such as Facebook sports billions of photos of almost nearly every one that ever touched a computer. Every second…
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What it is Like to Have A Broken Heart
When a relationship ends after months or years, it is not an easy thing to endure, because it is one of the worst feeling in the world. It's like a nuclear bomb that has explored and you are ready to blow up in pieces. The dumped person will constantly ask…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Dating   Mar 19, 2013  
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