Andrewlyn Gooden (Street Articles Author)

Andrewlyn Gooden is a former graduate of Knox College that is located in the north-central section of the island Jamaica.

My involvement in the Journalism Club, Writers Club and after serving as the Executive Manager for my School newspaper include graduating with first class honors in 2014 has made me wish to pursue a career goal in writing and I am seeking advancement for newer and better things.

Excellence has become the norm for me and it is my sole aim to emerge as one of the global leaders in tomorrow’s society.

Can We Really Live Happily Even After?
From the very moment Disney published their first animation, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937, every male or female single child, in our generation, have been day dreaming about their ‘Happy ever after ending’, in which their damsel in distress or their prince in shining armor to come…
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Plastic Generation: Who Are Your Friends
Someone once said that “Bad friends are like paper cuts; both are annoyingly painful and makes you wish you were more careful. There is a question has been burning in our hearts from the very first day of preschool until the very day others sweep our doorstep clean because we…
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