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Hi, My name is Andy Anderson Charles and I am a writer, blogger, poet, singer, song writer, public speaker, motivator, business owner, Lion Member. I am married, a father of three, and a grandfather of four. I love meeting people, writing, music, and traveling. My greatest desire is to become a philanthropist in the next couple years and make an even bigger contribution to people, to empower and educate and provide assistance in whatever area that I am blessed to help. I love God and Jesus is my savior; looking forward to inspire you with my writing on Street Articles.

She Smiled And She Conquered
The last time I wrote a song it was for someone who in my mind, had gone too soon, and I wrote it simply because this young lady had so tenderly touch my life; my heart, I was entrenched in her simplicity and sense of acceptance. Candy Harris was a…
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We Are Better When We Are Ourselves
The Beginning For the best part of my life as far as I can remember,I have always wanted to be the best at what I do,to me being 'numero uno' had the air of rarity which could only enrich one's life. However as time grew on me and I became…
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Teaching Writing Creatively
Introduction This article will do two things: one; capture your imagination and have you thinking introspectively, and two; challenge you to be brave and real about your ability to write without fear and bias. Trust me on this! I am about to reveal the true and nauseating fact about why…
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Friends Or Just Friends
The Secret There is one fundamental rule which governs all friendships and that is the virtue of confidentiality, if any man seeks to be the friend of another then by all means; above all things he is expected to learn the art of 'keeping a secret'. We as humans have…
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Are We Really Ourselves
I am often fascinated by the way we try to be like so many others and neglect our true selves, surely when we look in the mirror we must see the image of our Creator. Imagine the fact that every human being on this planet (all 7 Billion), have a…
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