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I am the only child of my family who swapped the job as a rookie Translator for a life of writing on different topics unlimited to “Business & Finance”, “Career & Workplace”, “Hobby and Interest” as well as the latest breaking news on Education, Entertainment and Travel not only about Asia, but also every corner of the globe. For my natural fascination, it’s the fashion industry coming at first, but I also find out another dreamy path that means a great deal to me. In fact, I’m kind of a lover of all home things, but not the housework obviously! I would do any great thing to make my home beautiful under my eyes like purchasing the essentials to refurbish the house inside and out.

My economic subject is intended for the existing economic debates, business cycles, and entrepreneurship at its heart while the “Hobby & Interest” category has so many interests for me to list ranging from sport, shopping, craft, gardening, art, to video games. Here you can also find bits and pieces of interviews, resumes, and recruitment for your job seeking.

I actually created the webpage in 2013 aiming to publish hundreds of posts on the above topics to help my readers to make their worth, capacities, and social connections grow strong. Following a different work dream isn’t the only thing that changed, but my perspective on the life that I am taking as well. Though I start to earn a living by way of creating endless writings of this enigmatic life, I still feel amazed at myself for realizing how far I’ve come to bring all goings-on about the world out there on the website.


Receiving B.A from my University allows me to work, and experience for the first time in a Translation and Education Consultant company as a rookie Translator and oversea consultant. By doing so, I myself learn the language, and witness different cultural scenes just to help to direct Vietnamese students’ higher studies oversea. In sum, my previous job mostly relates to a network of the individuals and organizations agreed upon responsible global citizenship. My initial approach is Translation since it’s my major field of study anyway, but chasing the Writing career path is like a new breath of life for me. I would love to express my great appreciation for the vast knowledge I gained from my first ever workplace, and have a sincere respect for any well-rounded person whom I used to co-operate with.

Last word This is where the place you should come in. All actual experience and great insights into the web of life can be personally learned by any interested individual online. It’s the home that I love at heart, and dedicated to people from all walks of life though there could be some people who do not really fit into the world of media mainstream. Recently, I’ve found out that it’s easier to make enemies than allies after going through the hardest times with my own family, so it’s important to make your every day brighter. Hopefully, you get to enjoy your time here as much as I always do, and it’s your choice to follow up or just say “hi” to everyone! I hope that the website would make all of you the most effective and highest potential people who are placed in the top of the list that others may remind as they’re in need of someone. Here’s how you can contact me:

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