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I am Anindo Chakraborty from India. I started my career 1 year back when I was in college. I created a website which emphasized on green energy. The whole concept of green energy has always thrilled me and I would like to pursue something related to it in future. Through the course of time I launched 1 more website and started providing SEO and other technical services to and Currently, I am in finalization of steps for launching a few more websites for the startup of an online business in my country under the able leadership of Mr Jim Beach. Besides, the above websites, I have also bought a domain by the name which initially started as just another blog but has now turned into a work space for me and my friends. All these are part time for me currently because I am employed as an Assistant Systems Engineer in a software company. My role in the project is of a developer involved in developing Core Banking platform for banks. But, true goal is to be financially independent and share knowledge through Internet Sales Rules (ISR).

Topics to Write Articles
Just when I started writing about a year back on the internet for monetary purposes, i was unaware as to how much hard work I had to put in finding good topics to write about. Topics to write articles are enormous in number. You can almost fill a database with…
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How to Write More Creatively?
It is a very common question to ask " How to write creatively ". It is one thing to open a website and another to continuously work on it with good content. This is where many of us falter in our paths. The ability to sustain oneself in business is…
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Internet Sales Rules
ISR is an effort to learn and teach internet marketing concepts and internet marketing in general. Our education is a cumulative knowledge sharing effort that keeps on piling with new concepts and techniques that keep coming up in the internet marketing world. Internet Sales Rules community is a learning platform…
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Interviews And It's Effects on People
Interviewing people has always been a lucrative idea. It is a fast way to online success but somehow people are still unaware of it. There is a lot of activity going on currently that involves taking and giving interviews. My idea of interviewing people is not that flamboyant but it…
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