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I take a great interest in self help and development. My aim is to help anyone I can by providing information that I think may be of assistance to others. Currently working on building two separate websites to do this. I am an animal lover and appreciate the efforts of anyone trying to make our world a better place. Volunteers have my utmost respect - they are the people truly deserving of praise in society.

Medication to Cure Panic Attacks?
The idea some people have that you need to take drugs to cure panic attacks, is actually not true. The fact is that they don't cure anxiety or panic at all. Why? They don't get to the actual cause or reason why the attacks began in the first place. Welcome…
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What is Generalised Anxiety Disorder?
Generalised Anxiety Disorder is commonly referred to as GAD. Nearly everyone feels anxious or worried every now and then. Particularly in certain situations, such as making a public speech, performing on stage, going for an interview or sitting for exams. With GAD though, this is a condition whereby, a person…
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