Annie Sparks (Street Articles Author)

Annie Sparks is a former up and comer in the financial industry, turn stay at home mom. After years of long hours and hard work, Annie decided to change pace upon entering into motherhood. Annie now has two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband. As if one major life change wasn't enough, Annie has recently embarked on the journey of homeschooling. From becoming a stay at home parent,to the trials of homeschooling young children all the way to keeping up with the Joneses, Annie has faced a lot of struggles as well as successes. Right now, Annie Sparks is just trying to figure it out as she goes and hoping you will join her on her journey.

Stay at Home Mom, Can I Do It?
Forty years ago it was almost understood that women would be stay at home moms. If they went to college, they might begin a career but always with the assumption that they would leave the working world once they were married and had their first child. For most women this…
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