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I am an Older American - a pc term I just thought of :). I'm not elderly yet but mention this because I have lots of life experience and education and have diverse interests all of which I have spent years studying both formally and informally.

My formal education includes a bachelor's degree in communications/journalism and a master's in education. I like to mix it up and can't see doing one thing for my whole life. I guess I'd be labelled ADD if I grew up in this day and age. I think it's a good thing as I'm always curious and want to know more.

My informal education led to my extensive research on the topic of holistic health and natural alternatives to maintain good health and a healthy weight. I have attended many symposiums and conferences on the subject in addition to conducting lots of personal research.

At the present time, I am a Professional Organizer by day and a webmaster in my spare time. I really never thought I would use the term webmaster for myself, but since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have 'mastered' enough aspects of running a website that I actually make money running them for other people. So now, I guess I can hold that title as well. Wonders never cease :)

I also love animals (I have two cats and a turtle), photography, scary stuff, gadgets, and of course, reading and writing. For exercise mostly swimming and walking.

Turtle Or Tortoise | What’s the Difference?
When you are walking in the woods and come across a turtle or tortoise, do you know which it is? There are some distinct differences that are apparent right away. If you know these few identifying facts, you will know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise and look…
By:  in  Pets  >  Reptiles Amphibians   Mar 14, 2012  
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Carpentry Tips | Fixing A Sticky Door | Don’t Come Unhinged
The method used for fixing a sticky door is easy if you don’t put off this little project. The steps below will help you fix a two hinged wooden door typical to any house interior wooden doors with wooden frames and jambs. For the most part, it’s gravity that causes…
By:  in  Home Improvement  >  DIY   Mar 13, 2012  
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Declawing Cats | Torture In A Civilized Society
Declawing a cat is tantamount to torture. Every time I hear anything about declawing a cat I get chills. I think of tortures I’ve heard about describing how a human victim’s fingernails were yanked out of their fingertips. I don’t know if this type of torture is still in practice…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Pure Opinion   Mar 13, 2012  
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DIY | How to Fix Stacked Glass Art
If you own a piece of Stacked Glass Art, you may find yourself in a situation where it needs to be re-assembled or repaired. It’s disheartening to see a beautifully handcrafted item break. Good news is most of the time it can be repaired. There are a few reasons you…
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Social Networking: How Social is Social?
Just how social are social networks? It occurs to me that people spend an awful lot of time socializing on the net. I know I do. And I feel there is a place for social networking in our lives. Social networking is great for finding people we’ve lost touch with…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Pure Opinion   Mar 11, 2012  
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How to Organize Your Bills | Paying Bills Online Or Off
When your monthly bills come in, where do you put them? Are they piled up in a stack along with the multitude of other mail you receive? Figuring out how to organize your bills so they are easy to find and pay when the times comes takes little effort if…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Organizing   Mar 10, 2012  
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Independent Medical Exams | What They Are And Who Needs IME Services
There are many reasons why people need independent medical exams (IMEs). Very often people are required to have an independent medical exam after injuring themselves at their workplace. Having an injured employee get an IME medical exam ensures the employer that the worker was injured and was on the job…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Disability   Mar 09, 2012  
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Do Red - Eared Sliders Have Personalities | The Antics Of An Aquatic Turtle
With a resounding Yes! I say my red-eared slider has a personality. He communicates with me in his turtle way. And I actually think he likes me. Yeah, I know. He should -- I’m the one who feeds him. But I really think it goes beyond that. Communication When I…
By:  in  Pets  >  Reptiles Amphibians   Mar 08, 2012  
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The Difference Between A Yard Sale, A Flea Market, And An Estate Sale | A Buyers Perspective
My mom owned a combination antique and thrift store for more than 35 years and one of the best ways to replenish her stock was to run around to yard sales, church rummage sales, estate sales, and flea markets. She also held estate sales throughout the years. I became very…
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Hoarding In Children: In Many, Where It All Begins
For many adult hoarders, hoarding in children is where is all begins. Parents may see their child saving things and think nothing of it. Or unwittingly contribute to it. So little Suzy likes dolls or tea sets, so what? She will have a nice collection to be proud of later.…
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Social Networking: How Social is Social?
Just how social are social networks? It occurs to me that people spend an awful lot of time socializing…
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When your monthly bills come in, where do you put them? Are they piled up in a stack along with the…
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