Ansley Wilcox (Street Articles Author)

Born into a family of expatriates living the bohemian life in Paris after WWII, I developed decidedly eclectic tastes. I was exposed to an intellectually stimulating mosaic of artists, scientists, writers, financiers and fishermen. My father was a writer, photographer, gourmet chef and general bon vivant. I think my mother may have been in shock most of the time.

I have an insatiable curiosity, a quick mind, boundless energy and a desire to use my talents to help others. This has defined my career and personal life. Although born in New York, I was raised in Europe, and attended school in Spain, France and Switzerland.

Over the years I've owned an art gallery, a company importing environmentally friendly industrial technologies into Asia, a real estate development company, and an internet publishing company, among other things. I guess that makes me a serial entrepreneur.

I became immersed in alternative therapies when I was tentatively diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and sentenced to a life of steroids. I refused the steroids and I'm happy to say that almost 20 years later, I seem to be fine. I have, however, learned a great deal in the interim and even received a diploma in hypnotherapy.

My first book was an illustrated novella which I wrote when I was 11. Unfortunately, I put any writing ambitions aside because, as they say, "Life intervened!"

Self Care In Case Of Bioterror Attack
Over the years it’s become increasingly obvious that the government is not actually protecting us except to the extent that they protect us from the TRUTH. The issue of bioterrorism is very hush-hush. It comes up every now and then, always in the context of what terrorists are doing, but…
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