Anthony Ussery (Street Articles Author)

Anthony Ussery over the past 10 years has through hypnotherapy and NLP helped hundreds of people worldwide become and perform at Super Human levels. He is also a Certified NLP Expert, Life Coach and a Hypnotherapist.

Tony was an athlete for over 40 years, a professional athlete for 7 years and a Mind and Body Transformation Coach for over 10 years. He has trained athletes from all levels in just about every sport. He has helped thousands of people get into the shape of their dreams both mentally and physically. You go from “Frustration to Super Human”.

Why You Are Losing Your New Year’s Resolution Battle
January 14, 2016: On January 1st millions of people made a pledge to themselves and others in the form of a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, stop smoking, get organized or a list of other things. So what has happened? It is the middle of January about half of…
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