April Colon (Street Articles Author)

April loves to take pictures of nature and long walks in the woods. I could stay by the ocean all day and like to fish and go on boat rides. My dream would to be able to travel where ever I wanted to go and see how other people live and their feelings about the world we all share. I am somewhat a private person and enjoy spending time by myself that is when you can reflect and get to know who you really are.

New Boom Town Going In Mid-West
Big Paychecks No HomesWell ladies and gentleman we finally have some good news to talk about, we are having an oil boom in the mid-west where thousands of folks are moving and making some good money and I mean some three figure salaries but they have no place to call…
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Okay Who Are the Elite 1 Percent?
Who Are The Lucky Ones?I gathered my information from a few different sources to see what came up. CNNMoney, TehranTimes and to throw an entirely different source in there, Professor G. William Domhoff, Sociology Dept, UCSC. According to Professor Domhoff, the numbers showing the ratio of the average CEO's paycheck…
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Why Discovering Internet Marketing Has Helped My Life
Internet Marketing My New WorldOver a month agoI lost my full-time job. I was completely devastated, a huge lost of income, my self-esteem hitting bottom and yes, shame. It bothered me so much that I ended up in the hospital for almost a week, deeply depressed, my blood pressure sky…
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Affairs In American Culture
First Comes MarriageWe all know affairs have been going on since time began and as long as we have both sexes on the planet they always will. People enter into an actual contract by law when they sign a marriage license and say their vows before a person who is…
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Reliving Your History Through the New Facebook Timeline
I am sure by now most of you social networking lovers have heard of the newest change on Facebook coming out in just weeks according to it's founder Mark Zuckerberg, Timeline. In the article above the author mentions the show "This is Your Life." Well unfortunately I am old enough…
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Johnny Depp So Deep
Ah Johnny Depp, what woman wouldn't die just to bump into him alone in a tiny diner somewhere.  After I get myself collected and if I could I would love to ask "what makes you such a legend in our time"?  There are so many mysteries about him one could go…
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Its Killing Us, Job Stress
We really should all give this concept some thought.  Of all our friends and family members, can you think of how many of them tell you that they are truly happy at their jobs?  My bet is you could count them all on one hand if that.  Let me refer to…
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Backberry Internet
It's happened again, another Blackberry Smart phone outage. According to Politico the federal government is calling it the "Black-pocalyse". As the only federally approved Smartphone for many government agencies it has people wondering just how "smart," this decision really is. As a relative of an employee of a local government…
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Christmas Shopping Online
BAH HUM BUG CHRISTMAS SHOPPING It is almost upon upon us again dear friends, those dreaded trips to the malls for Christmas Shopping.  Little children running and playing hide and seek between the clothing racks .  Men with theirsour faces hanging againt the same racks, "are we done yet"? Your…
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Why More Women Are Not Getting Married
Sorry guys, women just are not getting married as much as they used to. Believe it or not this is happening in many cultures all over the world. The one I found most interesting was in the Asia countries where family is an old and close tradition. An article in…
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