April Colon (Street Articles Author)

April loves to take pictures of nature and long walks in the woods. I could stay by the ocean all day and like to fish and go on boat rides. My dream would to be able to travel where ever I wanted to go and see how other people live and their feelings about the world we all share. I am somewhat a private person and enjoy spending time by myself that is when you can reflect and get to know who you really are.

Gop And the Wall Street Protests
Boston Globe AP Article October 16, 2011 An interesting article published in the newspaper above had me chuckling. Mr. Axelrod one of President Obama's advisors stated in an interview on ABC's "This Week," "The GOP doesn't understand the Wall Street's protests show that American wants a fair shake". They Understand…
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You Are Here to Thrive
In my quest for the reason for life, why are we all here and what is our path, I have read hundreds of books since my twenties. I was brought up in the Catholic faith but even as a young child things to me didn't seem right with it all.…
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