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My experience to write about subjects close to my heart is based on more life experience than anything else. Not to forget the 12-step program I am a member of that is teaching me how to live life on life's terms on a daily basis. I live with my lovely family in one of the Philippine islands called Cebu, and life here is much for me to prefer than to that in the Western world. If you stress here, you have nobody else to blame than yourself. You can have a social life because not everyone are just too busy when you want it the most. That for me is important, and I missed when I got back to my country of citizenship after 10 years abroad. I was totally overwhelmed by how "busy" everyone seemed to be. And this was back in 1994! Life is very short when you have reached the ripe age of 62. Peace of mind.....something I have learned what it is after my +18 years in my Fellowship. Where I am living now, I have a lot of it, in spite of whatever challenges that are thrown at me mostly every day. I am contented and enjoy life and try as much as possible to live in the moment. That's where the real happiness is. Not in the new gadgets or other material "stuff". That is why it's not important what happens to you in your life, it's "how you deal with it" that matters.

Does Woman Empowerment Lead to An Unhappy Marriage?
In the Western world many women are blinded by the equality syndrome, and we hear stories about couples "being equal" in almost everything. Except when it's to the woman's benefit, then it's "empowerment". "I did this yesterday, so it's YOUR turn today!” And this of course is a new reason…
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Do You Suffer From More'ism?
If you do - you are most likely not very happy with your life as it is now, nor what is was - or will be, because you always want MORE of something. Is it a material thing - or is it an emotional thing? For your unhappiness it doesn't…
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Is Your Marriage Part Of Your New Year Resolution?
As we are closing in on 2014 and are leaving another year behind us, let's see if we need to include our marriage in the 2014 New Year Resolution. Let’s look at those points we can ponder about now that New Year gives us a golden opportunity to take steps…
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From Wedding to Unhappy Marriage
Marriage (also called matrimony or wedlock) is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws. Source: Wikipedia I know I am addressing at least 53 % of all people…
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