Arnel Macariola (Street Articles Author)

My name is Arnel Macariola a christian and an internet marketer. My favorite niche on the internet is online advertising particularly the advertising that pays programs.

I also believe that my niche is one of the most powerful income generating system on the internet today. I am receiving income at the same time real advertising credits which I can further use to promote other programs and possibly make more money.

All I have to do is to diversify and monitor the hottest paying programs. Aside from the income the second is to check the value of advertising credits that I get from the program. Whether the ads I am getting are responsive or not. I diligently monitor this feature through my ad tracker. I also share this input with the people on my team so we grow together on building our internet income. Generally, I evaluate these programs through these two main criteria.

Anyway, aside from business benefits one more thing that I love on my online business is by connecting with other people and learn from them too. There is nothing that compares to a satisfied feeling when you become valuable to others and become a resource in helping them out. I love to connect with you, on social media sites and to whatever communication means we both can access with.

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My First Niche Is Online Advertising
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