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Mike lives and works in Exeter, UK and regularly ventures into the countryside to find inspiration for his animal and landscape paintings. He exhibits year round at Gloss in Exeter, the Tavistock Art Gallery (Tavistock, Devon), the Cove's Quay Gallery (in Salcombe, South Devon) and at the ArtFrame Gallery (in Plymouth). Over the years Mike has painted a wide range of subjects with past projects including portrait painting, figure painting, murals, graphic design, bicycle component design, publicity brochures, magazine adverts, websites, clothing, book illustrations, business logos and birthday cards. Before turning to an artistic career he spent over a decade working as a University Research Scientist and holds a PhD in Optical Physics, his speciality being the way light is reflected, transmitted and / or scattered by different materials and objects. This in-depth knowledge provides Mike with a unique perspective that has become a fundamental part of his artistic process. In 2009 Mike decided make the focus of his work the animals and landscapes of his native Westcountry and held a major one-man show featuring over 40 paintings at the University of Exeter. The exhibition rapidly led to his being represented by several galleries and caught the eye of the national and local media with his work appearing in among others, Artists and Illustrators, Leisure Painter, Devon Life, Farmers Weekly and Art of England Magazines along with featuring in a major article in the Western Morning News. His work is now in private collections around the world. Original art work may be purchased by contacting him via
The Migraine Action Art Exhibition
Raising funds for Migraine Charity by Exhibiting Paintings Migraine & Migraine Action Blinding throbbing head pain centered over one eye, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, difficulty find words, weakness and exhaustion...these are some of the symptoms of migraine: a complex neurological condition that afflicts millions of people around the world, has been…
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What Makes Bluntcard so Funny?
If you're currently both shocked and amused and yet somehow experiencing a warm nostalgic glow then you have probably just been looking at an illustration by Bluntcard a dazzling fusion of 21st century wit and vintage imagery. But be warned, this artwork is not for the easily offended. We often…
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Interference Acrylics
Interference acrylic mediums can provide an artist with a range optical effects that can be used to enhance conventional painting techniques. Acrylic paint is perhaps the most versatile of media, it can be diluted with water and applied in the style of watercolor or used straight out of the tube…
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Fine Art Giclee Print
A fine art giclee print is a very accurate, long-lasting digitial fine art reproduction that applies millions of pigment ink particles in a fine spray onto paper or canvas. (The word “giclee” means “to squirt”.) This means that although the giclee print is created from a high resolution digital image…
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