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Ashley is a frugal-minded SAHM, always on the search to save a buck! Whether there's a way to spend less for a child's birthday party, a date night for mom and dad, vacations or for everyday household needs, Ashley has the skills to seek out the lowest prices! Join her in keeping the U.S. on budget, one household at a time!

Doing Multiple Rounds Of Hcg Diet
Achieving small goals in a weight loss program tend to motivate us to continue on th bigger goals. With every 5 pounds lost, the next 5 pounds is closer in reach! Typically, we start diets with a main goal: 15lbs, 50lbs, 100lbs to shed. On the HCG diet, some of…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Weight Loss   Mar 23, 2011  
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How to Identify An Immunity to Hcg Drops
It is not uncommon to hit a plateau or stall during the HCG Protocol. It is also possible to develop an immunity to HCG drops. But how do you determine if your drops are no longer effective to your system, or if your experience is simply a stall? Find out…
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The HCG Protocol-Experiencing the First Week
The first and the last week of a diet are usually the toughest. The first week, you get acquainted with your new routine, and the end of the diet seems so far away. The last week, you have seen the bulk of your success, and you are excited to move…
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