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I am an active day trader which makes it difficult to get involved with stock market education. However there is so much deception about low quality trading education or trading tools offered to beginning traders that I thought it would be timely to try and make a difference.

Where Can I Learn Trading, How to Choose the Best?
Where can I learn trading? Anyone asking this question is on the right track to become a profitable trader. Some people start their trading career by seeking proper market education realising that there is more here than meets the eye while others come back to this all important question "Where…
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Day Trading Profitability, What is Your Percentage?
People do generally question day trading profitability You can hear or read all sorts of comments about day trading and often times it is hard to make a difference between hearsay and expert opinion. On the one hand, common sense and practical knowledge of the banking system should convince us…
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Ways to Trading Profit, Day Trade With A Pro
Day trading is a profession for many traders I presume it is not obvious to everyone that day trading financial markets is actually much rather a business ...and should not be looked upon as gambling. There certainly are ways to trading profit but they are not that easy to find.…
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About Trading Futures Online, Get Ahead Of the Crowd
The title I chose for this article: "About Trading Futures Online, Get Ahead Of the Crowd" suggests that it is more of a practical guide for speculative derivatives traders than an informative article about the general market segment of futures trading. I will briefly touch on some aspects of trading…
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Forex Trading Strategies, to Beat the Odds
This short article about Forex trading strategies is focusing on the attitude of professional traders versus punters to employing strategies while trading the foreign exchange market. Is applying the right trading strategies the key to success in the markets? Generally speaking the inexperienced traders who literally flock to the Forex…
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