BadBoyDan (Street Articles Author)

My name is Dan and I am a professional trainer, coach and successful international pick up artist. People from the pick up industry call me Badboy.

My charisma, inner strength and leadership skills were apparent at a very early age. I was born in Croatia, where I still live.

By now, I am known internationally as one of the best teachers and trainers in the world in seduction, persuasion, confidence and leadership style.

After the war, I briefly studied computer science, graduated with a degree in design and began working toward a second degree in psychology before dropping out due to a missunderstanding with my professors.

I have played table tennis professionally, coached a competitive table tennis team and contributed to an international debating league. I soon realized that my greatest talent is being an instructor, trainer and seduction coach and so I began to travel around the the world teaching classes in seduction, leadership and confidence.

Over the years I have seduced hundreds of beautiful women, from models to beauty pageant winners, and gained a great knowledge of meeting and seducing women.

I personally assisted thousands of men and women around the world, and have conducted workshops and seminars in more then 25 countries.

Take Control, Be Dominant And Lead
Girls like and expect initiative. If you look better, (read: beyond the physique), you can see them standing with their friends in clubs, having or pretending to have fun but, they are actually, waiting for something exciting to happen. They are hoping that something exciting is going to happen, that…
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