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Barbara is an active proponent of home-based business leveraging technology and Internet marketing. She shares her experiences reshaping the lives of other marketers primarily showing them Internet marketing from a blogging perspective. She brings with her marketing 7 year of varied experiences. Having hired a team of experts to guide her in her learning, she shares this continuous knowledge with others. It's not enough to learn. You have to apply that learning and see where it takes you. With persistence, anything you desire is created.

Blogging Towards Success, 2013 Enlightened Living
Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs! Barbara here. The goal of this article is to show you that people ARE generating income online by incorporating advertisers, subscribers, merchandising, and Google revenue. This reality is well known in quieter business circles. I will suggest major retailers. They live by cash, and Google revenue…
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Blogging For $300 Monthly Profits
Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs! Barbara here. If you have read about people earning a living harnessing the Internet, it is NOT an illusive reality. The key is to pick a strategy you love most, do it once, do it twice, and so on. In my case and for others, I…
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