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To Lose Or Keep Your Property
For a lot of individuals, foreclosure is a dirty word that has negative connotations. But there are times when a foreclosure is the only option for certain situations. I don't think anyone buys a home with the intention of ending up in foreclosure but life is unpredictable and unexpected things…
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Have A Memorial Vacation By Visiting The USVI
The United States Virgin Islands, often referred to as America's Paradise, is an unincorporated American territory in the Caribbean consisting of three islands. St. Thomas is the capital and busiest, St. Croix is the largest, and St. John is the smallest and quietest of the three. The combined population is…
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Facts About Hurricanes
Hurricanes develop in the tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea. They can be extremely destructive and deadly. There are three main parts of a hurricane namely; the eye, the eye wall and spiral rain bands. Hurricanes begin as a tropical disturbance then progress or regress due to…
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Traveling the World - Two Popular Ways to Travel
Travelling the World - Two Popular Ways to Travel Travelling the world is exciting. Two popular ways to travel the world is by air and cruising. These two ways are reasonable, economical and accessible to individuals who desire to travel. Travelling by air or cruising give travelers opportunities to unwind…
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