Barbi (Street Articles Author)

About Barbara Psaras Lucente, MS, LCSW:

Barbara goes by "Barbi".

Barbi completed her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration/Marketing in 1993 and her Master of Science in Direct Practice Social Work in 1997.

She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Texas and is currently a Behavioral Medicine Clinician for Baylor University Medical Center, having been employed in that capacity since 2008. Barbi has worked with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of settings, including public/private schools, adolescent and family service programs, private practice, hospital, pain management and outpatient mental health settings. Barbi has held teaching, leadership, directorship and managerial roles throughout her career. She has provided therapy to children, adolescents and adults and she currently specializes in pain management, relaxation training and biofeedback, and emotional & behavioral management therapies. She has presented at workshops and seminars that focus on stress, emotional & behavioral health, and adolescent & family issues. Barbi has been a practicing therapist/counselor since 1997.

Barbi is 41 years old, is currently engaged, and she has one 10 year old son. She is a former Miss Texas USA pageant contestant. She loves horses, physical fitness, traveling, writing, being a mommy and her career. She considers it an honor and privilege to be a mother and also to work with people as a career on such a personal yet professional level. Barbi is direct, kind, compassionate, supportive, educative and empathic. She is trusting and hopeful in her ever day life. She is a firm believer in Cognitive-Behavioral and Systems Theories. She treats each of her patients with dignity and respect and she believes in the uniqueness of every individual person.

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