Barry Wah Lee (Street Articles Author)

Working in an older style shop in Auckland, New Zealand. We have dealt in Asian ingredients, implements, fireworks, silks,Grains,and have worked with and served people of various ethnic backgrounds including Maoris, Europeans of local birth, Chinese,Samoans, Japanese, Brazilians, Argentinians, Americans, British, Irish, Scottish as well as those of no ethnic identity. We have had Yogis, big businessmen,street people,television actors,musicians,movie people, chefs, cooks,home chefs and cooks,students, artists and we have had old and young visit.

As the building is quite old, expenses are getting quite prohibitive. Around us are lots of cars, either parked or zipping by. This makes it hard to get those customers that like to drive to shops. Some shops are starting to put their wares online. I may have to do this at some stage, but at present, I have been concentrating on seeing if there is quick money to be made online. Perhaps I should give up this quest now.However I have picked up, I guess, various tidbits on the way.I have finally made my own websites through advice and chaos motivation. I think you have to sit still and let things settle in your head, because doing and learning are not that easy when you also are over excited too.

What Are Paper Blinds?
Paper blinds are roll up blinds that have sticks of bamboo through the middle. The paper can be a way to let light in whilst allowing privacy, but they can also be used to attain an exotic look for the room. They can be made in Taiwan or China. How…
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